شعر داستان و ......

1)      Today there is a television set in almost every house

2)      you can choose between as many as forty different channels

3)      For families with children, a big problem is getting the children away from the television to do their homework

4)      Among those who successfully did not use television, several interesting observations were reported

5)      Some parents were glad to end the daily struggle among family members

6)      Dinner times were more relaxed without the pressure of TV.

7)      Children's eyesight improved in several cases.

8)      Most of the families wanted to have a television back in their homes.

9)      They did not allow their lives to be influenced by television.


1)      Education is not an end, but a means to an end.

2)      We do not educate children only for the purpose of educating them

3)      our purpose is to fit them for life

4)      We find in such countries a far larger number of people with university degrees

5)      Any society needs different services and all jobs are important and useful

6)      We need farmers to produce food .We need teachers to educate people

7)      We need doctors to cure the sick

8)      We need people to clean our streets and take the rubbish away from our houses.

9)      No one should be ashamed of one's work


1)      If you do not use your arms or your legs for some time, they become weak

2)      when you start using them again, they slowly become strong again

3)      Memory is the brain's ability to keep a record of past events

4)      The brain can record a large amount of information

5)      But some of the information which goes into the brain is forgotten

6)      Psychologists believes that forgetting does not take place at an even pace

7)      There are several ways which help us to remember things for a long time

8)      Over learning is saying something (a poem for example) over and over again

9)      This makes it stick in the mind.

10)  photographic" memory is an ability to remember, in great detail, objects or scenes they have looked at only

11)  briefly.

12)  The loss of large areas of memory occurs in some mental and physical illnesses


1)      The Olympics attract a lot of people every year .This is a competition among many nations of the world

2)      A large number of athletes from different countries take part in the competitions.

3)      These games were held on the  plains of Olympia

4)      Today the Olympics play an important part in bringing young people from different nations together  in friendship

5)      The Olympic Games have been held every four years since 1896

6)      Today thousands of men and women take part in the Games

7)      The Olympics consist of a two-week summer games and a 10-day winter competition

8)      Hundreds of millions of viewers follow their countries' fortunes on television.

9)      The Winter Olympics are always held in countries with snow-covered mountains

10)  A gold medal is awarded to the winner of every competition


1)      They could speak to each other only when they were together.

2)      Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

3)      People could talk to each other even when they were far apart.

4)      When a person heard a voice speaking over the telephone from miles away, he was too excited

5)      After a while, people changed the word a little.

6)      Today most people still say "Hello" when they pick up the telephone.

7)      New words are born whenever they are needed

8)      Some new words become part of a language

9)      Other new words that aren't so useful may be forgotten soon.

10)  The world is changing all the time, so do words.

11)  Every word has a kind of secret story behind it

12)  Each word is a puzzle

13)  Some of the puzzles are easy to solve

14)  And when someone fasts, it means he doesn't eat.

15)  Most people fast from the time they go to bed until they get up in the morning

16)  The word "paper" comes from the name of a plant called papyrus.

17)  Papyrus grows in hot countries such as Egypt.

18)  The word paper, from papyrus, is used for sheets that are written on


1)      Computers are changing all our lives and also old ways of doing things with their superhuman speed.

2)      No one can deny their influence and importance.

3)      Computers are used to design different things

4)      All spacecrafts which are orbiting out through space are controlled by computers.

5)      Computers are opening new fields of Endeavour.

6)      Computers are helping doctors to research disease

7)      Computers chemists to design drugs and disabled people to learn skills.

8)      How is the computer able to perform so many different tasks?

9)      A computer does all these tasks by means of processing the information.

10)  By feeding in different programs, computers can be switched from one job to another.

11)  Computers can also be programmed to do many separate tasks at the same time.

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