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شعر داستان و ......


Choose the correct answer.

1. Do you know when -----------------?

a) will the bus leave

b) dose the bus leave

c) the bus will leave

d) the bus leave

2. A:”Does she go to the seaside on Fridays?”

 B: “I don't know -------------- to the seaside.”

a) when she goes

b) when will she go

c) when does she go

d) when is she going


3. A: ”What’s your plan for the weekend?”

 B: “I ------------- do my homework and relax.

a) am going

b) was going to

c) was going

d) am going to

4. We have bought some roses and we ------ them in the garden.

a) will be planted

b) planted

c) were planting

d) are going to plant

5. Do you really know the store where ---------‎‎--the English book?

a) bought Reza

b) did Reza buy

c) Reza bought

d) Reza did buy


6. Take an umbrella. It-----------------------

a) has rained

b) rained last night

c) had rained before

d) is going to rain


7.‏"‏There isn’t any price on this.‏"‏

 Ask the clerk------------‎‎-----------

a) it costs how much

b) how it costs much

c) how much did it cost

d) how much it costs


8.‏"‏A:‏ ‏What is he doing?

 "‏B: I don’t know-----------‎‎---- doing.

a) that what he is

b) what he is

c) that what is he

d) what is he


9. A:‏" ‏What’s that gentleman’s name?  B: I can’t remember ----------------

a) his name is what

b) his name what is it

c) what his name is

d) what is his name


10. I think he --------- to take the test today.

a) is going to

b) is going

c) will be going

d) was going to

Vocabulary ‎

Choose the best answer.‎

11. After the operation, my mother was told to ---- for two weeks.

a) repeat  b) relax     c) review   d) recall


12. We live in a developing country and we must try to ---‎‎------------ our conditions of living.

a) ignore   b) limit      c) improve          d) cure


13. Although my grandmother is a little old, she has a very good ----------------

a) chemistry      b) eyesight        c) fashion d) pressure


14. In several cases which children were taken away form TV, their --------------- improved a lot.

a) influence       b) eyesight   c) fashion      d) pressure


15. He is worried about this exam. The opposite of worried is -----------

a) ashamed   b) harmful     c) relaxed d) frightened


16. TV programs won’t have many -------- if they aren’t interesting.

a) visitors b) players c) immediately  d) recently


17‏.‏ A: "Do you know they will go on a trip by car?‏"‏ 

      B: Yes, I do.They have --------- a new car.

a) honestly        b) perfectly      c) immediately  d) recently


18. He always likes to do -------------- things. He is really strange.

a) unusual b) hardly  c) reported        d) exited


19. Nobody can -------------- him. He does whatever he thinks it’s right.

a) intend   b) influence       c) invite    d) invent


20. Your vocabulary is quite good, but you should ------‎‎-------- your pronunciation.

a) improve          b) relax     c) research        d) influence

Cloze test

As we walk the (21) streets on summer evenings, we wonder ‏"‏where the hell is every body?‏"‏

Psychologists are (22) about what TV is doing to our life. It has (23) our friends, parents and our neighbors. We know the people on different films but we don’t know the name of the family next door. What would TV possibly be giving us that is worth what it’s taking (24).

21. a. noisy      b. empty             c. full         d. wide

22. a. relaxed  b. frightened    c. excited d. worried

23. a. replaced         b. taken           c. gotten  d. increased

24. a. out        b. on                  c. away      d. off


Mini comprehension

25. ‏"‏Some parents were glad to end the daily struggle among family members to decide what program to watch.‏"‏

We understand that -----------------------      a. some parents had struggle to decide what program to watch

b. some parents were happy to see the daily struggle

c. the parents were happy because the struggle had ended

d. the parents were happy to decide about what program to watch

26.‏" ‏For family which children, a big problem is getting the children away form the television to do their homework.

This sentence means that ---------------------- ‏   ‏

a. the children of these families do their homework away from the television

b. it’s difficult to force children to do big problems of their homework

c. being away from TV, make children do their homework

d. the big problem for families with children is to make them do their homework

27. ‏"‏Not watching TV for a month improved children’s eyesight in several cases.‏"‏

In which of the following sentences the word case has the same meaning as the one in the above sentence?

a. if that’s the case you will have to work harder

b. these are the computer cases which were damaged

c. the cases must be carried by the porter

d. there are five cases of influenza


Good luck/Abdollahi/1390

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